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                2 Item(s)

                Soap Handmade Hot Process

                Soap Handmade Hot Process

                Rose and Jasmin hot process soap bar 5 oz

                like a bouquet of fresh flowers the combination of rose and Jasmine give to this rustic hot process soap the perfect touch for a great relaxing flower shower. no color, natural bar soap. 5 oz soap bar. ** Our hot process soap bars are individually tag and wrapped in shrink film, the openings on the wrap are intentionally made to...

                Refined Lard and Shea butter Old Fashion rustic artisan handmade Hot process soap 3 oz lime and verbena scented cured ready to use

                Handmade soap hot process artisan old fashion soap, we still the recipe from grandmas and created this refined lard and refined Shea butter soap, that is creamy and skin moisturizing, it will not dry out the skin, it is soft gentle soap that will moisturize and will not cause dryness or leave you with itchy skin. The lard soap is...