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                4 Item(s)

                Liquid soap

                Liquid soap

                Dark Kiss Tye hand soap with foaming pump 8 fl oz

                8 fl oz of handmade liquid soap our handmade liquid soap Compare the scent to the original perfume of bath and bodywork that feature a delicious combination of berries flowers and musk and other great scents. ** Note we are not associated in any way with bath and bodywork our scent has been produced with readily available fragrance and essential...

                Soap Nuts, hand Soap ready to go with foam pump, natural soap alternative no scent no color, natural and hypoallergenic soap 8 oz bottle refillable and will last several times reuse.

                Soap nuts are not nuts at all, they are berries, They are a fruit that develops a hard, nut-like shell when it dries. They are safe for even for people with severe nut allergies. They contain saponins, soap-like components, called surfactants, which are natural cleaners that, just as their chemical counterparts, lift stains from the fabrics and naturally remove odors....

                Geranium essential oil liquid soap foaming container 8 fl oz

                8 fl oz of handmade liquid soap our handmade liquid soap include geranium essential oil and seduction fragrance oil can be used as a hand soap, body wash or in the kitchen, safe for kids but aye irritant. it has a mild tone of the Geranium fragrance oil and we combined with seduction fragrance to obtain this mid floral notes,...

                handmade liquid soap, Bergamot, Aloe, black tea, and chamomile, fantastic clean scent 16 oz pump bottle

                16 oz container with pump handmade liquid soap with the fresh scent of Bergamot, aloe, black tea and chamomile, fresh clean sudding scent we have created this scent to combine fresh and clean sensations, our liquid soap can be used even as shower soap, it contains no detergents and can be used in any part of the body, face, hands,...